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June 2019

This month we are offering seminars on "Managing in a VUCA World" for Brazilian managers, as well as Data Storytelling for international Analytics professionals, and HR Analytics for HR Business Partners in New York. We're also conducting workshops on Change Communication for a university hospital and a high tech group.

May 2019

This month we are offering trainings on Team Creativity, Communication for Lawyers, Communication for Auditors, Visual Thinking, Making the Complex Clear, Data Storytelling, and Executive Communication and this in the UK, in Germany, and in Switzerland. Enrollment is still open for our Meet up! Seminar in Zurich (in German), June 19th, on using Nudging for Meeting Productivity. Our article on the Collaborative Dimensions of Visualization has just been published in the journal Design Studies.

April 2019

Our submission to the Academy of Management Annual Conference on the Illusion of Explanatory Depth in Management has been accepted, as has our submission to IHET 2019 on Augmenting Visual Analytics with Knowledge Visualization. This month we are also teaching Data Storytelling at various venues in Europe and we'll be presenting our work at the SGKM (Swiss Association of Communication and Media Research) annual meeting.

March 2019

Dr. Kernbach has given courses on «Design Thinking in Research» at four Australian universities. Prof. Eppler is teaching Data Storytelling (in India, Switzerland, Germany, and the UK), Creativity, Change Communication, and VUCA Management this month. In addition, Dr. Alexander and Prof. Eppler are teaching «Mixed Methods Research for Management Studies» this month, while Prof. Bresciani is teaching «Visual Literacy for Management» and «Information and Knowledge Visualization for Business Applications».

February 2019

This month we are teaching Data Storytelling, Visual Analytics for Risk Management, HR Analytics, Communication for M&A lawyers, and Collaborative Creativity and this in Bangalore, India, Zurich, Switzerland, Frankfurt, Germany, and London, England.

January 2019

In January we are providing corporate trainings on Data Storytelling & Visualization, on Visual Thinking, and on Knowledge Management Technologies. Our research articles on analyzing on-screen interactions and on Strategy Communication in NPOs are published in the Journal of Mixed Methods Research (JMMR) and in the Nonprofit Management & Leadership journal (NML).

December 2018

At the start of this month, we were awarded the «Career Book of the Year» prize by the German Abendblatt for our book on the power of nudging for meetings «Meet Up!». Also this month, we are teaching Communication for Auditors, Nudging for Collaboration, Data Storytelling, Data Visualization, and Knowledge Visualization for Lawyers. A joyous Advent time to everyone!

November 2018

Last month, we have won the getabstract International Book Award for «Meet up!» at the Frankfurt Book Fair and we were featured in several newspaper articles and blog posts on meeting communication. This month we are teaching communication for negotiation and for global executives, VUCA Leadership, Classroom Management, Visual Analytics, and we are offering a public lecture series on «(Digital) Nudging for Collaboration». We are also contributing to this year’s Change Congress in Berlin on November 20-21.

October 2018

October is a teaching marathon month for us: we are teaching Visual Analytics, Creativity, Dynagramming, Negotiation, Strategy, Communication (for Managers and Lawyers), Consulting Tools, Life Design, Taxonomy Building, Visual Thinking, Agile Methods, and Managing in a VUCA World. Our clients include Porsche, Hengeler Müller, Icefire and several non profit organizations. Trainings take place in Frankfurt, Zurich, St. Gallen, Geneva, or Talinn.

September 2018

This month, we are conducting management seminars on our new «Meet up!» nudging approach to collaboration, on Interactive Strategizing for Executives, on Leading Teams to Creativity,  and on Visual Thinking and Data Stoytelling. We are also teaching a new MBA class on a European View on Strategy and several classes on Visual Thinking for Researchers. Finally, we are hosting the 20 year anniversary event for the mcm institute.

August 2018

We are thrilled that our new book «Meet up!» on the power of nudging for collaboration is a finalist for this year’s getAbstract International Book Award.  You can order the book here.

This month, we are conducting communication trainings for lawyers, as well as strategy trainings for executives.

We successfully concluded the first edition of blended learning (online and offline) courses on Business Visualization at HSG. We are also preparing new courses on Visual Analytics, Design Your Life, and Strategy.

July 2018

This month we are presenting our «Interaction Patterns» research methodology at the 17th European Conference on Reserch Methodology for Business and Management Studies. We are also presenting various of our visual methods at the 22nd International Conference on Information Visualization. In addition we are conducting a communication training for lawyers in Amsterdam  and we kick-off a new research consortium project on the «Illusion of Explanatory Depth» in Management.

June 2018

This month, Stanford University is hosting Sebastian Kernbach for a research and teaching visit. Also in June, we are presenting our research results at this year’s European Academy of Management conference, at the R&D Management Conference, and at the European Conference on Information Systems. We are also delivering seminars on Communication for Controllers, Analytics, and VUCA Leadership this month.

May 2018

Fabienne Bünzli has won a best paper award at the annual conference of the Swiss Assocation of Communication and Media Research. In her study, she has developed a typology of strategic communication approaches of non-profit organizations. Martin Eppler has won two teaching awards from the University of Geneva Graduate School of Economics and Management. His courses focus on strategic management, visualization, and creativity.

We are organizing a training seminar on Communicating with Data (more info here) in Zurich on May 8th, and we are hosting an evening event on the Nudging Approach to Communication (more info here)

April 2018

We are conducting several MEET UP! nudging trainings this month, as well as corporate creativity seminars. To find out more about our meeting trainings and Meet up! approach, follow this link.

March 2018

March is the release month of our brand new book on nudging in communication, entitled MEET UP! You can order it on Amazon

February 2018

Sebastian Kernbach has taught a PhD Course at Stanford University and won a National Science Foundation Project Funding for his research on visual thinking. Congratulations! In February, we are giving executive courses on new approaches in consulting, on global communication and visual thinking for lawyers, as well as several communication trainings for international executives.  We are also starting two new courses this month on mixed methods designs in research and on creativity in the NPO (non-profit organizations) context.

January 2018

A happy 2018 to everyone. This year, our mcm institute celebrates its 20th anniversary. This month, we are presenting our research on a theory of facilitation for innovation at the PIN-C-Conference and we are teaching Courses on Consulting Methods, on Communication for Auditors, as well as Interactive Strategizing.

December 2017

This month we are teaching Change Communication in Berlin and Knowledge Management Technologies in Lucerne, as well as Dynagrams in St. Gallen. Our teaching case study on the ICRC's use of social media has been published by the Case Centre. You can find it in the case study section of this site as an inspection copy. Our research article on the collaborative dimensions of argument maps has been published in the international journal Semiotica.

November 2017

This month we are giving talks, courses, and in-house seminars on «Communication Best Practices of Think Tanks», «Communication for Researchers», «Communication Basics for Negotiation», «Meeting Management», «Dynagrams», and «Communication Tools for Consultants».

October 2017

This month, we are at events in Berlin, Munich, Zurich, and Frankfurt regarding topics such as Digital Innovation, Visual Thinking, Stakeholder Management, Legal Communication, and Change Communication.

We are also teaching a PhD Course on Typologies and Taxonomies in Research and a Masters Course on Dynagrams.

September 2017

We are teaching Visual Strategizing this month as well as Global Managerial Communication, Meeting Management, and Dynagrams for Management. We are also hosting a Communication Professionals’ Roundtable on «Stakeholder Management of Non-Profit Organisations» in Zurich this month.

August 2017

Martin Eppler is presenting our study on Visual Decision Making at the Academy of Management in Atlanta this month. He has just been interviewed by UBS on creativity in management (you can read the interview in French, in German or in Italian). 

July 2017

Sebastian Kernbach is teaching Visual Thinking for Lawyers in the Netherlands and Visual Thinking for Researchers in Portugal, South Africa and China. Martin Eppler is teaching communication in Pisa, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt. To know more about these trainings, check out our recent Linkedin article here.

June 2017

We are giving a workshop on the Science of Visual Facilitation in the UK in June. Our next executive seminars are on Data Visualization for Banking in Frankfurt, Visual Communication for Finance Executives in St. Gallen, and Communication for Lawyers in Amsterdam.

May 2017

The =mcm institute organizes its first mobile marketing conference this month (see . We are also participating in the St. Gallen Symposium ( and we are teaching data facilitation, data storytelling, and new consulting tools.

April 2017

Our submission to the Academy of Management Annual Meeting has been accepted. In the paper we report on our experiments with managerial chart annotations and show how sketching improves decision accuracy. This month we conduct executive seminars on visual storytelling and visual literacy for management.

March 2017

This month we are teaching various creativity, change management, and meeting productivity courses in Berlin, Frankfurt, St. Gallen, and Munich. We will also be releasing a short instructive movie on our recent book "Dynagrams". Martin Eppler gave an interview on the future of communication to the LEADER magazine (in German, available at this link)

February 2017

We are starting a new National Science Foundation funded project on the combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods through information visualization. Elitsa Alexander is leading this research initiative at the =mcm institute. The second edition of our longseller "Sketching at Work" is now available at (in German, soon also again in English and Chinese).

January 2017

We welcome Fabienne Bünzli as a new researcher to our team (you can find her profile here). In her research, she examines the (strategic) knowledge communication of non-profit organizations with their external stakeholders. This month, we are teaching Knowledge Management Technologies, Meeting Management, and Quantitative Knowledge Visualization. We are also conducting literature reviews, on-site visits, and interviews regarding NPO Stakeholder Management.

December 2016

We are teaching creativity for executives this month, as well as several meeting productivity workshops. As of 2017 we will have an additional research focus on strategic communication in non-profit contexts.

November 2016

Our team has presented the Dynagrams approach to change management at the 2016 Change Congress. We have published a special edition of the journal ZOE on Meeting Science (, and we have conducted trainings in Frankfurt and Bonn on Meeting Productivity and on Visual Literacy for Communications Managers. Congratulations to our ISP MBA class on their graduation this month! Sabrina Bresciani has lead a team of HSG students on a field trip to India.

October 2016

Our team has been awarded a three year National Science Foundation grant on combining quantitative and qualitative research methods through information visualization.

September 2016

Our article on Dynagrams in Design Thinking has been accepted for publication in the Design Studies Journal. We are giving trainings on consulting, strategy, and meeting productivity this month in St. Gallen, Frankfurt, Zurich, and Geneva.

August 2016

We are presenting a paper on visual methodologies at the Academy of Management this month and conduct in-house trainings on Effective Meeting Communication.

July 2016

We are teaching several executive courses this July In Germany, Switzerland, and China on the following topics: Enabling Productive Meetings, Communication for Lawyers, and Visual Literacy for Managers. We are also launching the portal this month with a compilation of the next generation of dynamic diagrams for collaboration.

June 2016

Martin Eppler and Sebastian Kernbach are presenting their brand new book Dynagrams (together with Roland Pfister) at various events this month. You can order the book here

May 2016

Our submission to the Academy of Management Annual Conference and our submission to the British Academy of Management Conference have been accepted, as has our forthcoming article for the Journal of Mixed Methods Research. In these articles we report on our diverse experiences with using information visualization to bridge quantitative and qualitative research. Our viewpoint article on visualization in management has been listed as one of the most cited articles in the Journal of Visual Languages and Computing since 2011.

April 2016

Martin Eppler is a keynote speaker on Dynagrams at the International Contract Simplification Conference, as well as at the "51. Kongress der Deutschen Marktforschung" - the Annual Congress of the German Assocation for Market Research. He is also giving a talk on Dynagrams in Zurich on April 7 for the Swiss Organization Association together with Sebastian Kernbach.

March 2016

Currently, we are delivering corporate trainings on creativity, visualization, and communication in Geneva, Biel, Zurich, Winterthur, Amman (Jordan), and Berlin for organizations such as IATA, Pictet, Helmholtz, AXA, SAP and Swiss Re.

February 2016

The mcm institute's chair of communication management (Prof. Dr. Martin Eppler) is looking to hire a Research Assistant/ PhD Candidate (70%) in the area of management studies interested in pursuing a PhD degree and researching the impact of nudging and of visualization on the communication and collaboration quality of teams in organizations. The envisioned starting date for this 70% position is mid-2016. See the institute page here for more details.

The University of Geneva awarded Martin Eppler with the Award for best Course in its French-speaking Executive MBA.

January 2016

Sebastian Kernbach is offering a course on Visual Thinking and Lawrence McGrath on Creativity for University Lecturing at the University of St. Gallen.

December 2015

Congratulations to our team member Sebastian Kernbach for completing his Doctorate! In his PhD thesis Sebastian analyzes sketches, presentation slides, and dynamic diagrams as three distinct visual practices in management. To all of you happy holidays and a great start into 2016!

November 2015

Our article "The Collaborative Dimensions of Argument Maps: A Socio-Visual Approach" has been accepted for publication in Semiotica: Journal of the International Association for Semiotic Studies.
Martin Eppler is giving a keynote lecture on clear communication in academia at the University of Zurich this month. He is giving an open lecture on the Power of Images at the University of St. Gallen's "Children University" and he is teaching executive courses on Meeting Productivity, Knowledge Management, Communication, Consulting, and Collaborative Creativity in Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, and Lucerne.

October 2015

Our article "Slip-Sliding-Away: A Review of the Literature on the Constraining Qualities of PowerPoint" is the top 3 most read article in Business & Professional Communication Quarterly for the month of September. In the same month also our paper "The Use of Visualization in the Communication of Business Strategies: An Experimental Evaluation" is the top 8 most-read articles in the International Journal of Business Communication.
We are glad that our newest articles are forthcoming in international journals, including "The Pitfalls of Visual Representations: A Review and Classification of Common Errors Made while Designing and Interpreting Visualizations" on Sage Open, and "Understanding the Impact of Visual Representation Restrictiveness on Experience Sharing: an Experimental Assessment" in the Journal of Visual Languages and Computing.

September 2015

We are conducting various corporate seminars this month on communication for lawyers, visual meeting management for bankers, creative problem solving for managers, as well as global managerial communication for MBAs.

August 2015

We are presenting several papers at this year's Academy of Management Meeting in Vancouver this month, including a Best Paper Award winning paper on our National Science Foundation project regarding visual experience sharing. We are also teaching an Executive MBA course on Visual Strategizing this month.

July 2015

Our team hosted its annual Zurich Round Table event with participants from organizations such as the European Central Bank, Swiss Life, Kaba, Phonak/Sonova, GfK, Tadpole Ventures, Franke Group and others. The topic of this year's researchers and practitioners exchange forum was how to reinvent meetings for greater productivity and impact. You can find out more about this initiative here.

June 2015

Martin Eppler's and Sebastian Kernbach's paper on Dynagrams in Design Thinking teams has won the outstanding paper award at the international Collaboration Technologies and Systems (CTS) 2015 conference in Atlanta. Martin Eppler was also a panelist on Collaborative Content Creation at the conference (see: He is  visiting Simon Fraser University in Vancouver as a visiting scholar / guest professor this month and teaching Creativity for Entrepreneurs for the Entrepreneurs' Organization in Canada.

May 2015

We are launching a new partner consortium to fix meetings and radically improve meeting effectiveness.More information on this initiative can be found here.

We are conducting corporate training events this month on creativity, innovation, and new consulting tools. We are also hosting a panel on the implications of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) on management education and we present our new visual collaboration analysis method at the International Communication Association Annual Conference.

April 2015

Four of our papers have been accepted for this year's Academy of Management meeting, as have our submissions to the International Communication Association Annual Conference, and the International Conference on Collaboration Technologies and Systems. Our paper "The Effect of System-embedded Visual Restrictiveness on Experience Sharing" has also been selected to be part of the best papers proceedings of the Academy of Management meeting.

March 2015

Sabrina Bresciani is giving an MBA class on international managerial communication at the University of St. Gallen this month. Martin Eppler is giving an overview on his research project on "Doing Things with Diagrams" with Professor Michael Hoffmann in three lectures at Georgiatech this month. He is also giving two Creability seminars in Alabama and Tennessee for the Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO).

February 2015

The Call for Paper is open for the International Symposium on Knowledge Visualization and Visual Thinking taking place in July 2015 in Barcelona. All information about the symposium and deadlines can be found here: Direct access to the Call for Paper PDF file can be found here.

Martin Eppler will give a lecture on collaborative Knowledge Visualization at the Georgia Institute of Technology this month. You can find out more on his talk here and the video of the presentation here.

January 2015

Martin J. Eppler won the University of Geneva Executive MBA Teaching Award for the best course in the English Core Program for the period of 2013-2014. He is currently a visiting professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgiatech) in Atlanta, USA. Georgia Tech is the number 1 ranked public university in the United States according to Business Insider and its engineering program has been ranked Nr. 1 in the US for more than two decades.

December 2014

Martin Eppler is teaching Knowledge Visualization at the European Central Bank in Frankfort this month. Sabrina Bresciani is giving a course on "Social Entrepreneurship: A Visual Approach" at the Universidad del Pacifico in Lima, Peru. The course deploys an innovative visual methodology for teaching and innovating in the context of social enterprises.

November 2014

In November we are giving a 3-day training course on Visual Tools for Management in Vienna and present our Dynagrams solutions at the IEEE VisWeek in Paris. We're also conducting Creability trainings for several financial services and luxury goods companies. You can find out more about these team creativity trainings at

October 2014

We have concluded our DYNAGRAMS research project where we have reviewed, developed and deployed new interactive forms of dynamic diagramming for managerial planning and decision making. A thank you to our research partners Kuoni, GfK, and armasuisse.

September 2014

Martin Eppler is giving a number Creability talks this September in the Marketing & Communication Program of the University of St. Gallen, at the Entrepreneurs' Organization global event in Geneva, and at the Elca forum in Berne. Creability is the No. 1 book in the creativity category on

We have curated the new edition of the German change management journal ZOE on the topic of Experiments in Science and Management, you can find the articles (in German) here:

August 2014

"Creability", the collaborative creativity book by Martin Eppler, Roland Pfister, and Friederike Hoffmann, has been selected as a finalist for the getAbstract International Book Award 2014. You can see the short list of all finalists here

July 2014

Sabrina Bresciani is teaching Global Management Communication at the summer program of the Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE) in Beijing, China. Sebastian Kernbach will be teaching Visual Thinking for PhD researchers at the Swiss Summer School.
Our paper "Improving Attitude toward Corporate Strategy with Visual Mapping: Scale Development and Application in Europe and China" received the best paper award at the Frontiers of Business Research in China International Symposium, which took place June 23-24 in Beijing, China.

June 2014

Our article submissions to the following journals have been accepted and can now be viewed by following the indicated links: International Journal of Innovation Management (in press), International Journal of Business Communication ( Journal of Family Business Strategy (, Journal of Knowledge Management (, and Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management: An International Journal (

May 2014

Join Martin Eppler, former austronaut Claude Nicollier, business model specialist Alex Osterwalder, explorer Bertrand Piccard, hockey legend Kent Ruhnke, and other speakers at this year's Global Entrepreneurs' Organization conference in Geneva. You can find the complete speaker line-up here.


The Chinese Journal  of Open Education Research has published an interview with Martin Eppler on Knowledge Visualization in its April edition.


April 2014

Zurich Creability Workshop: Together with the Impact Hub Zurich, we're giving a Creability Workshop (in English) on Visual Creativity Tools in Zurich on the evening of May 7th. Join us! More information can be found here.

Our Visual Thinking &  Creativity Seminars are on Tour in Brazil this month. We are offering a series of interactive public trainings in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. You can find more information on these events here:

March 2014

This month, we are providing several public and in-house Creability seminars on idea generation and problem solving in teams (you can find more here).

You can order the German edition of the Creability book on Amazon.

On April 10th and 12th  we are offering a "Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs" Seminar in Sao Paulo, Brasil, in cooperation with the Impact Hub and SwissCam. You can find more information here.

February 2014

The US innovation magazine Inc features our visualization and creativity research in their February issue, you can find an excerpt here (

This month our team is teaching several modules on (intercultural and visual) knowledge communication for lawyers at the Executive School of the University of St. Gallen.

January 2014

Have a great 2014 everyone! Our brand new creativity book (in German) can be ordered here.

Martin Eppler received the award for best professor in the (French) Geneva Executive MBA for the second consecutive time. Our DYNAGRAMS project on interactive diagramming in strategic planning is starting this month with three prestigious partner companies, namely Kuoni, armasuisse, and GfK.

December 2013

Martin Eppler is giving a talk at EPFL on "Collaborative Knowledge Visualization: Knowledge Creation, Sharing and Learning with Fluid Graphics", at the Computer-Human Interaction Lab for Learning & Instruction.

Next month, our brand new book on team creativity, "Creability", will be published in its German-language edition with Schäffer Poeschel. You can find a sneak preview here.

The first graduation of the MBA program "ISP" under the new leadership of Martin Eppler and Andreas Hieronymi has successfully taken place. Congratulations to the ISP class of 2013!

November 2013

We have launched a Visual Thinking Seminar Series in Brazil and released the Brazilian version of Sketching at Work with Elsevier as a publisher this month.
Martin Eppler is teaching Knowledge Visualization for Managers in Vienna, Riad, Zurich, St. Gallen, and Winterthur this month.

October 2013

Martin Eppler and Sebastian Kernbach hosted a Strategic Planners’ Roundtable with twelve companies in Zurich on the topic of new requirements and new methods for strategic planning. Sabrina Bresciani started a brand new class on Communicating Visually at HSG. Martin Eppler welcomed the new class of 2013 of the ISP-MBA program at the University of St. Gallen.

Martin Eppler is teaching a Knowledge Visualization Seminar for Entrepreneurs in Sao Paolo on October 30th in cooperation with the Brasilian Business Communicators Association ABERJE.

September 2013

Martin Eppler and Lawrence McGrath delivered a 3-day interactive, online seminar on creativity, change, and decision making to one of the largest financial services companies in Saudi Arabia. We are also teaching live in Oslo, Graz, Dusseldorf, and Nuremberg this month.

August 2013

Sabrina Bresciani and Martin J. Eppler won the Best Paper Award of the 17th International Information  Visualization Conference in London. They received the award for the paper on “Knowledge Visualization for Social Entrepreneurs”. Sabrina Bresciani will be teaching an MBA course at the International week of the Universidad del Pacifico in Lima, Peru.

July 2013

Martin J. Eppler is the new head of the University of St. Gallen's International Study Program (ISP) for its International MBA students.You can find more information on this high-end program here. Sabrina Bresciani will be teaching at the summer program of the Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE) in Beijing, China.

June 2013

This month our team is teaching an executive course on new management tools in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Martin Eppler is giving a keynote address on Visual Thinking in Management at LUISS University in Rome, and he will be presenting our latest paper at the EURAM conference in Istanbul, Turkey.

Sabrina Bresciani is lecturing on Knowledge Communication and Visualization in Management at the American University of Sofia (Bulgaria), and she will be presenting our research on visualization for collaboration at the ICA conference in London.

May 2013

Our submissions to the 2013 Information Visualization Conference on "Visualization for Social Entrepreneurs" and on "Graphic Facilitation versus  Software Facilitation - an experimental evaluation" have been accepted. Martin Eppler held a visual creativity workshop at the University of St. Gallen's context studies anniversary conference and gave a talk on "Seven Types of Visual Ambiguity" at the Fronteras Nebulosas conference.

April 2013

We have launched a new visualization portal at It provides useful visual tools such as the ABC of Visualization or a gallery on more than 30 visualization methods.

March 2013

Martin Eppler and Sabrina Bresciani have published an article on Visualization in Management in the Journal of Visual Languages & Computing. You can find the piece here.

February 2013

Our paper submission on Visual Collaboration to the International Communication Association (ICA) annual conference has been accepted.
Martin Eppler is lecturing on visual metaphors at Universities in Bogota and Medellin in Colombia in February. He will be giving an opening keynote address on Knowledge Visualization in April at the Krems Knowledge Management Conference (see:

January 2013

We have an open research assistant position in the context of our new Dynagrams project. You can find the call for the position here (in German).

December 2012

We welcome two new team members to the knowledge communication team: Lawrence McGrath and Dr. Elitza Alexander. You can find their profiles in our team section.

November 2012

We have just released the call for papers for the ninth Knowledge Visualization Conference as part of IV13 in London, you can find it here.
On November 1st Martin Eppler received the Executive MBA Teaching Award for Best Course at the University of Geneva. 
Our team still has two openings for a research assistant and a post-doc position.

October 2012

Our team has won a Swiss National Science Foundation grant for a two year research project on the role of visualization for knowledge communication in the context of experience sharing. We will particularly focus on the role of graphic restrictiveness as a key variable of visual dialogue templates. We are looking for a talented and committed Post-doctoral researcher to join our team working on this project: see the call "Post-Doc Researcher Position in Knowledge Visualization and Intercultural Communication (80%)" on the University of St. Gallen Website.

Our article on designing collaborative settings in immersive environments has just been published in the Journal of the Association for Information Systems (JAIS). You can download the pdf version for free here.

September 2012

Ten years of Our research initiative and portal celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary this month. In 2002 we have taken our research on communicating expert knowledge in management online and started Have a look at our overview presentation here to find out what we have learned and achieved so far.

August 2012

Our research team has two openings for research assistants as of November 2012. You can find the call for the positions here.

Sabrina Bresciani is starting her assistant professorship at the University of St. Gallen and returning from a guest professorship in international management at the Universidad del Pacifico in Lima, Peru.
Martin Eppler and Roland Pfister have finished an (extended) German edition of their book Sketching at Work. It contains new chapters on sketching for creativity and planning. You can order it here.

July 2012

Alice Comi and Andreas Schmeil of the knowledge communication team have completed their PhD studies on Knowledge Visualization with distinction and are now working on their post doc projects.

June 2012

We are offering an online seminar on New Collaborative Creativity Methods on June 29th from 11-12.30. You can find the recorded webminar here (in German).
Martin Eppler is giving a seminar on making the complex clear in corporate communication in Lisbon on June 4, see:

May 2012

Friederike Hoffmann and Martin Eppler have curated an edition of 'OrganisationsEntwicklung' (the European Change Management Journal) on Creativity and Design Thinking. You can find more information on the articles (in German) and an interview with Stanford's design thinking guru Larry Leifer (in English) here:
Together with his colleagues from this journal, Martin Eppler has just published a new book on change management methods, you can find it here.

April 2012

The paper of David Klang and Friederike Hoffmann on the role of top-level leaders' behavior in business model innovation of incumbent firms is an AOM Best Paper and has thus been accepted for publication in the Best Paper Proceedings of the Academy of  Management Annual Meeting 2012. Also, our submissions on innovation and design thinking to EURAM (European Academy of Management) 2012 have all been accepted.

March 2012

All of our submissions to EGOS (the European Group of Organization Studies) have been accepted. We will thus present our research on inter-organizational collaboration and visualization in Helsinki. The submission deadline for the Symposium on Knowledge Visualization, part of IV12, has been extended to March 21st (see the IV12 website for further information).

Our paper "How Can We See What They Say? On the Use of Visual Representations in Qualitative Interviewing", has been accepted for presentation in the Research Methods Division, as a divisional paper session at the 2012 Academy of Management Annual Meeting, August 3-7, in Boston, Massachusetts.

February 2012

We are looking for two more partner companies for our St. Gallen Creability consortium project on the effective use of novel team creativity & innovation methods. You can find more information on the project here and/or contact
Two of our papers on visual business innovation have been accepted for journal publication and will be listed shortly in the publication section.
Our book Management Atlas is book of the week of a German daily newspaper, you can find the book review (in German) here.

January 2012

Alice Comi has won a national science foundation post doc scholarship and will become a visiting researcher at the University of Reading (UK) Design Innovation Research Centre headed by Professor Jennifer Whyte. You can find out more about the centre here.
Nicole Bischof will present our latest study on using visualization in qualitative research at the University of Berne in a workshop on communication research methods.
Dr. Ken Platts (of Cambridge University), one of the world's leading Strategy and Performance researchers will join our team for a one week visit in February to jointly work on divergent strategy tools.

December 2011

Our research group has launched a new tool for team collaboration: - a set of 41 visual cue cards to improve collaboration and creativity in teams.

The Call for Papers of the 8th International Symposium on Knowledge Visualization and Visual Thinking, co-organised by our research group, has just been released. You can find the document on the symposium of July 11-13th in France here. Deadline for submissions is March 1st 2012. Sabrina Bresciani has been lecturing on knowledge visualization in Spain (Eurocampus), Finland (Aalto), St. Gallen (HSG), and Lugano (Franklin College).

November 2011

Nicole Bischof and Martin Eppler have just published their new study on how to make the complex clear entitled "Managing Clarity in Corporate Communication". The study is the result of a joint effort together with AXA, Swisscom, Grayling, and the Global Alliance for PR and Communication Management. You can view the study below or download the pdf version of this clear communication manual here.

October 2011

Our visual guide to management methods and theories, called "Management Atlas", has now been published and can be ordered here.

Martin Eppler is spending a term as guest professor at the Universidad del Pacifico in Lima.

Sebastian Kernbach, Jeanne Mengis, Martin Eppler and branding consultancy Interbrand have started a joint research project exploring the role of knowledge visualization in the branding process.

September 2011

Call for Cooperation: On-demand Innovation and Creativity Tools for Teams: Our group is launching a new best practice project on visual innovation and creativity tools for teams. Organizations interested in the project can find more information here.

Martin Eppler and Roland Pfister won the Best Paper Award at the 11th International Conference on Knowledge Management and Knowledge Technologies (I-KNOW 2011) for their study on sketching as a tool for Knowledge Management.

July 2011

Sabrina Bresciani and Martin Eppler are nominated for the Carolyn Dexter Award of the Academy of Management for the best international paper. Their paper experimentally examines the effects of different graphic representations of a strategy on  (inter-cultural) strategy commmunication. Our research group held a workshop on the Theoretical Foundations of Knowledge Visualization. The theories presented included Cognitive Load Theory, Adaptive Structuration Theory, Dual Coding Theory, Actor Network Theory, Metaphor Theory, as well as theoretical approaches to visuospatial reasoning and boundary objects.

June 2011

Martin Eppler will be a keynote speaker at the 15th International Information Visualization Conference in London. You can find more information here. This month we present our findings on visual collaboration and visual business model innovation at the European Academy of Management Conference, and at the 12th International ISPIM Innovation Conference, as well as at the Administrative Science Quarterly ASQ-HEC-OMT Conference on Coordination within and among Organizations.

May 2011

Our paper submissions on knowledge visualization have been accepted at the International Conference on Information Visualization IV11. The Complex to Clear Project is midway: we have completed surveys on Clarity in Slide Presentations and on Clarity in e-Mail. Our forthcoming book on the Visualization of Management Knowledge called Management Atlas will soon be released by Hanser, you can find its website (in German) here.

April 2011

Our submission to the Academy of Management has been accepted. This and other new publications are listed in the publication section. We welcome Sebastian Kernbach to the Knowledge Communication Research Group. You can find his profile in the team section. So far we have reached more than 21'000 readers with our Sketching at Work visualization book that is now available as a final version at is also a new video available on our research on Knowledge Visualization from the University of St. Gallen that you can find here.

March 2011

Congratulations to Dr. Sabrina Bresciani on her summa cum laude PhD. Sabrina and Martin are teaching a new class in the top ranked CEMS master on the topic of Intercultural Management Communication this semester. Martin has given an interview to Aalto University's communication staff that you can view here. Alice Comi has been accepted to the selective ASQ-HEC-OMT Conference on Coordination within and among Organizations for her research on inter-organizational teams.

February 2011

Martin Eppler lectured at Aalto University's Helsinki School of Economics on Knowledge Communication and in Aalto's International Design Business Management Master Program on Visual Business Model Innovation. Nicole Bischof is a speaker on Managing Clarity in Corporate Communication at the Eurcomm 2011 IABC conference on April 7th and 8th.

January 2011

Nicole Bischof and Martin Eppler have joined forces with AXA, Swisscom, Grayling and the Global Alliance for PR and Communication Management to tackle one of the biggest communication challenges in today's business world: how to make complex messages clear. In the new research project, the team develops a management method to systematically improve, ensure and measure clarity in contexts, such as strategy communication or client communication. The next presentation on this topic will be held by Martin Eppler on January 24, 2011 at Aalto University, Helsinki. You can find further information here.

December 2010

Martin Eppler gave a key note speech on Knowledge as a Business Model for the Conference of the Chamber of Commerce of Northern Austria. He also gave an invited talk on Clarity in Complex Communication to the Harbour Club of Chief Communication Officers of Switzerland and visually facilitated an expert panel on Business in India at the Emerge 2010 conference. Nicole, Friederike, Roland and Martin offered a first Public Lecture Series at the University of St. Gallen on "Visual Thinking - Solving Problems with Pictures" which has had four 'full-house' sessions. To a visual 2011 everyone!

November 2010

Andreas Schmeil is visiting the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) for seven months, investigating how to design 3D virtual worlds for collaboration tasks. In collaboration with PARC and Stanford University he is conducting face-to-face and in-world focus groups to develop collaboration activities for virtual worlds, as well as controlled experiments to empirically evaluate them. To find out more about this project, click here.

The call for papers of our Seventh Knowledge Visualization Event in London has now been released. You can find further information here.

October 2010

Friederike Hoffmann is participating at Stanford University's international Design School business innovation program. She is coaching several student teams regarding Design Thinking and innovation. To find out more about the program, click here.

September 2010

Our new visualization guide "Sketching at Work: Visual Problem Solving and Communication" has just been pre-released and can be ordered at You can find an online version of this guide to visual collaboration for a limited time only below.

August 2010

Sabrina Bresciani and Martin Eppler won the Best Paper Award at the IEEE 14th International Information Visualization Conference (IV10) in London on July 29th for their study of Managers' perceptions of business visualization methods.

June 2010

We are hosting a special symposium on risk visualization and communication at the yearly SRA (Society for Risk Analysis) Conference in London on June 21st, more information can be found here.

Friederike Hoffmann and Martin Eppler have given a speech on Business Model Innovation at the annual Swiss Telecom Summit (you can find more information here).

Our team has submitted a total of six research papers to the IEEE Information Visualization (IV10) Conference and to the 10th International Knowledge Management Conference I-Know, all of which were positively reviewed and accepted. You can find their titles in the publication section.

May 2010

Aalto University published a synopsis of our course on Knowledge Communication and Visualization at the Helsinki School of Economics on its homepage.
Our Paper on Visualization for Knowledge Sharing was accepted by the Academy of Management Conference. Alice Comi is spending a research semester at the University of St. Gallen.

February 2010

Sabrina Bresciani returned from a NSF stay at the National University of Singapore and Martin Eppler from a Guest Professorship in Finland at the Helsinki School of Economics / Aalto University.

January 2010

The call for papers of our Sixth Knowledge Visualization Event in London has now been released. You can find further information here.
The next knowledge visualization management seminar will take place in Zurich on April 9-10. It will focus on the use of Visualization for Strategy and Innovation. You can find the seminar description and the registration form here. Contact for further information.

November 2009
Martin Eppler presented his and Andreas Schmeil's experimental research on collaboration in Second Life as the opening talk at the Media, Knowledge & Education - Exploring visualized and collaborative knowledge spaces Conference at Innsbruck University. The slides can be found here.

Friederike Hoffmann joined Prof. Günter Faltin and Prof. Sven Ripsas for the facilitation of the "Citizen Workshop" on November 7th in Berlin at this year's Vision Summit. The main goals of the workshop were to present successful social entrepreneurs and their business models, as well as to connect and educate future entrepreneurs. You find more information here.

Andreas Schmeil received a full scholarship by the Swiss National Science Foundation for a 12-month research stay in Canada and the USA: starting in May 2010, he will be a visiting researcher at the ACT Lab (Simon Fraser University) in Vancouver for 3 months, then at the Palo Alto Research Center (formerly Xerox PARC) for 9 months.

October 2009
Interdisciplinary Swiss National Science Foundation Project won
The interdisciplinary research project we have proposed to the NSF (in cooperation with the University of Berne and ETH's WSL) has been funded and will start on November 1st. In the project we will examine the knowledge communication between science and practice and explore knowledge management and visualization approaches for Risk Management.

September 2009

Jeanne Mengis was elected as Professor of Managerial Communication at the University of Lugano. We also welcome our new team members Friederike Hoffmann and Roland Pfister who focus on visual knowledge communication in management (see team section).

August 2009

Our (Bresciani/Eppler) managerial visualization experiment paper has been accepted by the prestigious and highly selective US IEEE InfoVis 09 conference and by the IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics. In the paper and respective experiments we were able to demonstrate the positive productivity impact of visualization on knowledge sharing in groups.

July 2009

Our study on Risk Visualization has been published in the Journal 'Risk Management'. You can find the abstract here.
Martin Eppler will be the Chair of Media and Communication Management at the University of St. Gallen as of August 1st 2009. As of next month, will be hosted both by USI and the University of St. Gallen - Institute for media and communications management.

June 2009

Martin Eppler has been elected a Guest Professor of Knowledge Communication and Visualization for January-February 2010 at the Helsinki School of Economics, Finland. He will be giving a Speech to the Danish Journalist Assocation in Copenhagen this August, see:
Alice Comi will present her work on Visualizing Organizational Competences at the I-know 09 (see a compilation of examples at our gallery).

May 2009

Martin Eppler will give a speech at this year's Swiss Telecommunication Summit on the "Visual Web". You can find the program here. He will also give a keynote address at the European LSP Conference on Knowledge Communication Research, you can find more information here.

April 2009

Our study on knowledge communication between decision makers and experts has now been published in the April edition of the Harvard Business Manager.
The Knowledge Communication group expands to the University of St. Gallen where we have two open assistant/PhD positions available, see

March 2009

Martin Eppler has given an invited lecture on Global Managerial Communication at the LUISS University Business School in Rome, Italy.
Our IABC Research Report on Managing Information Overload in Business Communication has now been published on the website. There is also an audio podcast on the report at: You can download the first six pages of the report here. A short video from the report presentation can be found here.

February 2009

Sabrina Bresciani has given an invited talk on Knowledge Visualization at the 'Scent of Information Symposium' at the Art University of Linz (Austria). The program can be found here: